Raw Superfood Bars

These are a great way of getting big amounts of nutrition packed into a small serving, ideal for on-the-go snacks.  I like to add a couple of these to my children’s snack plate along with things they don’t like quite as much like certain fruits, as it seems to help everything go down with smiles.

Try experimenting with the quantities and types of superfoods to suit your taste preference and what you have available.  Although one of the best superfoods, I tend to keep spirulina for smoothies and other things, as it tends to over-power a recipe like this.


1 cup almonds
1 cup raisins


1 T maca powder
2 T cacao powder
2 T bee pollen
A good shake of cacao nibs
Goji berries
A little honey and/or water


1)  Process the nuts until they form a coarse meal.

2)  Add the other dry ingredients and process until they are as finely processed as possible.

3)  Add a little honey to sweeten and/or a little water to get the mixture to a slightly wet consistency.  It shouldn’t be too wet but enough where you can roll some in your hands without it sticking to your hands.

4)  If you’ve overdone the ‘wet’, add a little dessicated coconut or ground nuts until it firms up again.

5)  You can roll the mixture into balls and roll in coconut for a cold treat.  Store in the fridge.

6)  Alternatively, If you’d like then into bars, roll out the mixture onto some baking paper and dehydrate in a warm oven (on the lowest setting – no more than 50 degrees Celcius if you want them to be ‘raw’).  Before putting in oven (or dehydrator if you have one), pull up the sides of the baking paper and press down mixture  to get a nice even edge.  After a couple of hours, flip the baking paper over and peel off to firm up the other side.  I do mine just so they have a little chewiness added to them.  Store in the pantry.

[Gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free].

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