How to sprout buckwheat

At some stage, I’ll post a list of different seeds and nuts to sprout, and how long each needs to sprout, but for now here’s how you do buckwheat sprouts.

Technically speaking, buckwheat isn’t a grain but a seed.  It is high in calcium and boron.  In its sprouted form it’s a nutritional powerhouse, containing bioflavenoids, all of the B vitamins, selenium, magnesium, manganese, Co-enzyme Q10, and others.  Sprouts are a really fantastic way of getting tons of nutrition in an economical way, as they are cheap to buy.

How to sprout buckwheat

1)  Place your buckwheat into a jar, or 2 or 3 jars if you are making a large quantity of Raw Buckwheat Granola, filling it no more than halfway.  Alternatively you can use a bowl.

2)  Cover with twice the amount of water and stir the seeds in that float on the top.  After at least 2 hours (or overnight is easy to remember), drain in a colander and rinse well.  The buckwheat will be gooey until it’s rinsed well.

3)  Sprouts will form after about 2 days, or less in the warmer months.

Use in granola, salads, and for raw dehydrated breads and crackers.

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