Apple-Nut Breakfast

Apple nut breakfast

Sometimes the simpliest things to eat are the best.  This is easily thrown together in just a minute, and is a healthy way to start the day.  Feel free to sprinkle any superfoods that you might have in your pantry on top.  I enjoy adding bee pollen and goji berries.


2 apples
A handful of almonds (or some other raw nuts)
½ t cinnamon


Process nuts in food processor until well-chopped.  Add apples and cinnamon and process until consistency is like porridge.

Serve with berries and a sprinkling of raisins.  If you aren’t going dairy-free, you might even like to add some home-made yoghurt.

For optimal health benefit, soak your almonds overnight in a little lemon juice.

{GAPS Notes: cinnamon should be organic, as conventional spices are irradiated and can contain additives.  Bee pollen is not recommended on the GAPS Diet.  Cacao is not usually recommended but some people find they can have it after being on GAPS for a while}.

[Dairy-free; Gluten-free, Grain-free].

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